Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Repair Your Microsoft Xbox360

Microsoft XBOX 360 Repair 

Repairing yor Micrososft Xbox360  is really not that difficult if you focus your time and follow some simple steps and use some basic tools you really don't need any technical skills.
Do you Happen to be one of the many XBOXers getting the XBOX "Red Ring of Death" error?
First and and for most if the Xbox has still got a warranty then you can take it back to the store for repair, Don't  try to repair it in this case as this will void your warranty.  Only try to fix it if you warranty is expired.
About 6% of Xbox 360s  that have the redlight error message cannot be fixed with this method. This means that the chances of you fixing your Microsoft Xbox 360 console are very good!  In order to begin this repair you may need to get a few things from an electronic store. You may even already have some of these items.
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If you learn how to fix your Xbox360 you will save a ton of cash and could possibly pick up some on the side. Microsoft will not tell you how to fix these errors. They will try to have you return it to them for the repair job. The usual cost of this repair is about $140 dollar. They will not even guarantee that they can fix it.

This guide is going to walk you through ther 3 redlight error repair. I will also go over heating consoles, graphic errors, freeze ups and other error messages. The easy to follow repair guide will have you up and running in about an hour.
It entails quick and easy to understand directions including images of every step that is necessary. I am fixing them for buddy's and they've been telling other friends and I am making some good money repairing Xbox's.

How to Open Your Xbox
Be care in opening your Xbox that you do not crack the cover . You shouldn't struggle with opening your Xbox. With the way it is designed it will pop apart when done correctly, you shouldn't pry or you will be very unhappy with the results
 First remove the faceplate. Don't skip this step and go on to removing the top and bottom plates you will see they can be taken off but you will increase the difficulty and chances of tearing off the little tabs off the top and bottom plates. The simplest way to remove the face is to use the finger hole at the bottom of the console and  pull forward.

Beginning with the gray bottom vent plate, six tabs that keep it into place. You will see that all of them are easy to access from the sides through the vent holes. Slightly pull up on the plate and at the same time  release the clips by pushing in with the opening tool or other tool that fits through the hole.

Begin at the front of the case and start to work your way back changing sides so each pair of tabs are released. Keep slight  pressure to pull it up and away while you go.
The top plate is a little bit more difficult. 3 of the six tabs are not visible, start with the front two, they can be reached from the two corresponding holes where the drive tray touches.

The opening tool has a cut out so it fits just right to reach the two clips. The next two are can be seen through the vent holes and easily are easy to reach. The last tab can be released by removing one of the Xbox feet at the rear to reveal a hole.
With the top and bottom vent covers taken off it's time to lay the xbox down upside down.

This makes the whole thing  much simpler as the chassis is screwed to the top. With the bottom shell,pointing toward the sky you will see these 7 little holes.
Spread the case apart and push in on the vent area, there are a few more spots where the case connects but these are not clips and you don't need the tool. When you press in nothing much will happen but you will see that the case spreads a little further apart.

You should hear a few clicks and the case is free. Spread the back apart a couple inches it should be able to rest open while you turn it around to work on the front .
Lift the lid and the cover should now be off.
You will need the complete Xbox 360 repair guide. One fix will more that take care of the cost of the manual. This is the best guide to follow. Especially when it comes to a XBOX RED RING FIX.